61 Franklin Street Garden Infrastructure and Rain Harvest Build 2021-04-03T09:01:15+00:00

Project Description

61 Franklin Street Garden Infrastructure and Rain Harvest Build

Project Lead: 61 Franklin Street Garden
Project Partners: North Brooklyn Parks Alliance, formerly Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn
Project Location: 61 Franklin Street
Total GCEF Funding: $29,420
2014 GCEF Grant: $21,920 2020 GCEF Grant: $7,500
Total Matching Contribution: $25,000    
2014 Matching Contribution: $25,000    
2014 Project Completed: November 2016 2020 Project Completed:  

In 2014, through a competitive process, 61 Franklin Street Garden received a GCEF grant of $21,920 (and provided $25,000 in matching funds) to further the sustainability of this “GreenThumb” community garden. GreenThumb is a program of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation that supports community gardening as important green space. GreenThumb gardens are managed by neighborhood residents. GCEF supported the 61 Franklin Street Garden’s continued development and sustainability by funding such activities at the garden as improving planting space, constructing rainwater harvesting facilities, adding community education areas, and installing solar panels to serve as a renewable power source for the garden.

For more information, visit 61 Franklin Street Garden’s website: 61FranklinStreetGarden.com

  • Constructed 2 picnic tables to accommodate garden visits by schools and community groups
  • Built 6 vertical planters, which added an additional 100 square feet of growing space
  • Installed a new garden irrigation system and a rainwater catchment system, which can store up to 600 gallons of stormwater preventing over 2,500 gallons of runoff from entering the NYC sewer system per year
  • Installed 3 solar panels that provide 2,250 watt-hours of electricity to the garden
  • Held 4 community workshops attended by approximately 50 people on topics including medicinal plants and tree care
  • Hosted weekly 1-hour environmental education classes for children ages 4 to 6; attended by a total of 64 children
  • Hosted the Greenpoint YMCA’s summer camp multiple times in Summer 2015; attended by approximately 60 children