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Project Description

Feasibility Study for Greenpoint Community Compost Site

Project Lead: Build It Green!NYC
Project Partners: Newtown Creek Alliance; Brooklyn College Environmental Sciences Analytical Center; Greenpointers.com; Garden Food Market; Down to Earth Markets – McGolrick Park Farmers Market; New York City Department of Sanitation; and Community Environmental Center
Project Location: Greenpoint-wide
GCEF Grant: $12,500
Matching Contribution: $5,000
Project Terminated: June 2015

In 2014, through a competitive process, Build It Green!NYC received a $12,500 GCEF grant (and provided $5,000 in matching funds) to determine the feasibility of developing a community compost site in Greenpoint. The site was proposed to be operated by BIG!Compost. Composting helps divert organic waste from landfills, and compost can then be used to improve soils in tree beds, gardens and parks. The feasibility study planned by the project sought to examine community attitudes toward composting, siting options, the possibility of using compost to remediate soils in Greenpoint, and the costs and benefits of various composting technologies. The non-profit Community Environmental Center was a project partner and managed all financial requirements of the grant.

The project was terminated due to Build It Green!NYC’s suspension of activities and elimination of staff in program areas necessary for the project’s implementation. Before the project’s termination, GCEF allocated $2,559 (of the $12,500 earmarked) to the project in order to conduct evaluations of 5 community compost and develop a questionnaire to conduct a community needs assessment.

In 2015, Greenpoint joined New York City’s pilot curbside collection of organic materials. As of 2019, 23 community districts in New York City participate in the composting program.