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Project Description

Gateway to Greenpoint

Project Lead: Newtown Creek Alliance
Project Partners: Evergreen: Your North Brooklyn Business Exchange; McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance; Newtown Creek Monitoring Committee; Offices of New York City Council Member Steve Levin and New York State Assembly Member Joseph Lentol; and New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Project Location: Northwest corner of Greenpoint and Kingsland Avenues
Total GCEF Funding: $34,683
2018 GCEF Grant: $30,428
2019 Budget Addition: $4,255
Matching Contribution: $1,250
Project Completed: July 2019

In 2018, though a competitive process, the Newtown Creek Alliance was awarded $30,428 by GCEF (and provided $1,250 in matching funds) to generate a community-driven conceptual site plan and associated materials related to the potential future development as public green space of a city-owned parcel at the northwest corner of Greenpoint and Kingsland Avenues. The 12,000 square foot parcel was previously owned by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and was given to the community during the renovation of the City’s Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The development of the site as green space would create an entry point to adjacent open space projects, including the Kingsland Wildflowers green roof, the Newtown Creek Nature Walk (phases 2 and 3 scheduled for completion by 2021), and restoration along North Henry Street Public Basin (ongoing). The project would also provide a model for incorporating open space and ecological value into active industrial areas.

The Gateway to Greenpoint project developed a tri-fold brochure and a booklet, 3 preliminary design plans for the parcel and a presentation used at 3 community workshops to generate the site plan.

More information about the Gateway to Greenpoint project can be found on the Newtown Creek Alliance website at:

The final conceptual site plan allows DEP to move forward in developing the site (as has been long promised to the community). Next steps for the project partners include establishing sources of funding for construction, developing a plan for operation and maintenance of the site, and working with city agencies and engineers to develop technical aspects of the design as required for construction.

  • Hosted 3 public workshops with a total of approximately 100 participants designed to engage the Greenpoint community in the discussion and design of the Gateway to Greenpoint parcel
  • Solicited additional feedback on the design of the parcel through an online survey for those residents who could not attend workshops in which an additional 13 responses were received
  • Conducted outreach to local businesses to engage them in the design process
  • Created 3 initial concepts (produced by architectural design firm Interval Projects) based on feedback received from participants at workshops
  • Shared ideas generated by the community with local elected representatives and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection in order to plan next steps in fulfilling project goals
  • Produced a color project booklet and a tri-fold brochure available online and distributed to the public at NCA events
  • Created a to-scale model of the site design for display at Kingsland Wildflower Rooftop

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