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Project Description

Go Green Brooklyn Activity Hub

Project Lead: Town Square
2015 Project Partners: Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Diana Reyna; New York City Council member Stephen Levin; Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn; North Brooklyn Boat Club; Neighbors Allied for Good Growth; Brooklyn Public Library – Greenpoint Branch; Transition North Brooklyn; Greenway Initiative; National Wildlife Federation Eco-schools project; and VICE Media
2018 Project Partners: Brooklyn Public Library-Greenpoint Branch, National Wildlife Federation’s Greenpoint Ecoschools, Neighbors Allied for Good Growth, Newtown Creek Alliance, Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn
Project Location: Greenpoint-wide
Fact Sheet: Go Green Brooklyn Activity Hub PDF
2015 GCEF Grant: $58,450 2018 GCEF Grant: $50,000
2015 Matching Contribution: $79,395 2018 Matching Contribution: $92,000
2015 Project Status: Completed (June 2017) 2018 Project Status: Ongoing

Town Square Inc. received a $58,450 GCEF grant (and provided $79,395 in matching funds) in 2015 to create a comprehensive online hub to organize and present local environmental issues, events, and opportunities for the Greenpoint community.  Launched in April 2016, the Go Green Brooklyn website content is promoted through several channels, including newsletters and social media, to maximize results.  The Go Green Brooklyn Activity Hub seeks to encourage Greenpointers to get involved in environmental organizations and issues in their community.  In this way, the Go Green Brooklyn Hub endeavors to increase participation in environmental programs across Greenpoint. After completing the original GCEF grant in January 2017, Go Green Brooklyn Hub continued to offer its content to the Greenpoint community.

The Go Green Brooklyn Activity Hub can be found at: GoGreenBK.org

  • Built a new website that offers a comprehensive listing of local environmental news, events, and opportunities
  • Developed a emailnewsletter and various social media channels, including Twitter, Instgram and Facebook, to push content.
  • Total website visits went from zero to +8,000 during the first year ended January 2017. During the second year ended January 2018, total website visits almost tripled to +23,000.
  • Facebook followers went from zero to 648 by January 2017 and up to 960 by January 2018.
  • Instagram followers went from zero to 1,528 by January 2017 and up to 1,938 by January 2018.
  • Twitter followers went from zero to 813 by January 2017 and up to 1,208 by January 2018.
  • Tracking results indicate that Go Green BK Hub is building an interested and engaged Greenpoint community, that is seeking out the Go Green Hub to discover upcoming environmental events and discover volunteering opportunities.

In 2018, through a competitive process, Town Square Inc. was awarded $50,000 in additional funding to sustain and expand Go Green Brooklyn Hub, a comprehensive online electronic center that organizes, centralizes and presents information about local environmental issues, events and opportunities for the Greenpoint community.