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Project Description

Go Green Activity Hub

Project Lead: Town Square
2015 Project Partners: Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Diana Reyna; NYC Council Member Stephen Levin; North Brooklyn Parks Alliance, formerly Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn; North Brooklyn Community Boathouse, formerly North Brooklyn Boat Club; North Brooklyn Neighbors, formerly Neighbors Allied for Good Growth; Brooklyn Public Library – Greenpoint Library; Transition North Brooklyn; Greenway Initiative; Greenpoint Eco-Schools; and VICE Media
2018 Project Partners: Brooklyn Public Library – Greenpoint Library; Greenpoint Eco-Schools; North Brooklyn Neighbors, Newtown Creek Alliance, North Brooklyn Parks Alliance
Project Location: Greenpoint-wide
Total GCEF Funding:  $120,228
2015 GCEF Grant: $58,450 2018 GCEF Grant: $50,000
2020 GCEF Grant: $11,778
Total Matching Contribution: $171,395
2015 Matching Contribution: $79,395 2018 Matching Contribution: $92,000
2015 Project Completed: January 2017 2018 Project Completed: July 2019
2020 Project Completed: August 2021

In 2015, through a competitive process, Town Square received a $58,450 GCEF grant (and provided $79,395 in matching funds) to create a comprehensive online hub to organize and present local environmental issues, events, and volunteering opportunities for the Greenpoint community. Launched in April 2016, the “Go Green Brooklyn” website was promoted through several channels, including newsletters and social media. Besides serving as a source of environmentally-related information for the community, the website sought to encourage Greenpointers to get involved in environmental organizations and issues in their community. In this way, the Go Green Activity Hub project endeavored to increase public participation in environmental programs across Greenpoint.

In 2018, through another competitive process, Town Square was awarded an additional GCEF grant of $50,000 (and provided $92,000 in matching funds) to sustain and expand the Go Green Activity Hub project. Specifically, the additional funding was used to upgrade the website’s user interface so that the Greenpoint community could directly publish events and articles to the site.

After completing the second GCEF grant in July 2019, Go Green Activity Hub website has continued to act as a centralized source of environmentally-focused local content and build up an engaged constituency in Greenpoint. Website visitors can use the “Hub” to discover upcoming environmental events and volunteering opportunities.

In 2020, Town Square was awarded $11,778 in GCEF funding to purchase electric/solar power stations, solar panels and accessories to deliver “clean” energy for Town Square’s community events such as the GoGreen Brooklyn Festival, Greencycle Swaps, and movie nights at WNYC Transmitter Park.

For more information, visit the Go Green Activity Hub: GoGreenBK.org

  • Built a new website that offered a comprehensive list of environmental news, events, and volunteer opportunities for the Greenpoint community
  • Developed an email newsletter, and promoted website content on various social media networks, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Achieved more than 8,000 website visits during the first year of GCEF funding (ending January 2017)
  • Tripled visits from the first year, to more than 23,000 visits during the second year (ending January 2018)
  • Increased total website visits to more than 36,800 during the third year (ending June 2019)
  • Published a total of 541 Facebook posts, 226 Instagram posts, and 352 Tweets
  • Fostered an audience of 3,042 Facebook likes, 2,588 Instagram followers, and 1,132 Twitter followers
  • Posted 63 calendar events on the website during the first grant period and 564 calendar events during the second grant period, for a total of 627
  • Published 11 newsletters during the first grant period and 50 newsletters during the second grant period, for a total of 61 newsletters
  • Published 27 stories on the website during the first grant period and 92 stories during the second grant period, for a total of 119 stories
  • Purchased electric/solar power stations, solar panels and accessories to help power Town Square’s community events in Greenpoint