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Project Description

Green Roof Feasibility Study

Project Lead: Greenpoint Reformed Church
Project Partners: None
Project Location: 136 Milton St.
GCEF Grant: $5,000
Matching Contribution: $1,000
Fact Sheet: Green Roof Feasibility Study PDF
Project Status: Completed (April 2015)

In 2014, the Greenpoint Reformed Church received GCEF funding of $5,000 (and provided $1,000 in matching funds) to determine the feasibility of installing a green roof on the church, located at 136 Milton Street. Green roofs provide a number of environmental benefits, including reducing stormwater runoff and related air pollution. An engineering study was conducted to determine the strength and durability of the 2,500-square foot roof, originally constructed in 1848. A detailed description of roof conditions and an estimate for installation of a green roof was also prepared. The findings determined that a green roof would be possible after structural changes to the church’s roof. Based on these findings, the church is exploring the potential cost and scope of work associated with moving forward with the installation of a green roof.

  • Conducted a detailed engineering study to determine the feasibility of installing a green roof on the Greenpoint Reformed Church, including the associated costs.
  • Determined that installation of a green roof at the church would be feasible after structural changes were made to the roof.