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Project Description

Green Tweens STEM Summer Program at The Y

Project Lead: YMCA of Greater New York – Greenpoint Branch
Project Partners: New York City Department of Parks and Recreation; Lentol Garden; Brooklyn Botanical Garden; Eagle Street Farm; Java Street Community Garden; and Broadway Stages
Project Location: 99 Meserole Avenue
GCEF Grant: $84,000
Matching Contribution: $48,000
Project Completed: January 2017

In 2015, through a competitive process, the YMCA of Greater New York, Greenpoint Branch received a GCEF grant of $84,000 (and provided $48,000 in matching funds) to conduct a program for Greenpoint students to introduce science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects to 40 Greenpoint youths, ages 11-14, over a seven-week summer period. Major activities of the GCEF-funded project included: delivering an environmental curriculum on topics such as community environmental history, urban farming, hydroponics, gardening, composting, conservation, estuaries education, urban structures, stewardship, tree care, plant environments, and solar energy. With these activities, the project worked with local, green partners including Department of Parks and Recreation, Lentol Garden, Broadway Stages, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Trees NYC, Greening Greenpoint, CUP, The River Project, The High Line, Battery Urban Farm, Garden Stories, Google CS, P.S. 84, Queens County Farm and Waste Management. Students participated in stewardship projects and learned about various environmental topics. The project held a culminating event for staff, family, and friends that showcased work done by participants over the course of the program.

  • Provided 40 middle schoolers project-based learning activities in the area of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) through a seven-week summer program
  • Educated students about the environmental history of Greenpoint, different gardening techniques including hydroponics and rooftop gardens, the value of composting, the many benefits of tree stewardship, and the importance of developing and maintaining public green spaces
  • Conducted stewardship projects at Lentol Garden, where the Green Tweens helped remove dead trees and plant native flowers, and with Greening Greenpoint, who taught the Green Tweens how to care for the trees in their neighborhood
  • Held a culminating event for 50 people including staff, family, and friends that showcased the work done by participants over the summer, testimonials from three participants, and an overview of projects done during the course of the program