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Project Description

Greening Greenpoint

Project Lead: City Parks Foundation
Project Partners: Trees New York; City Parks Foundation-Partnership for Parks; MillionTrees NYC; New York City Department of Parks and Recreation-Forestry; Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn; and North Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
2018 Project Partners: Hudsonia, Newtown Creek Alliance, New York Tree Trust, North Brooklyn Boat Club
Project Location: Greenpoint-wide
2018 Project Location: Newtown Creek Shoreline
GCEF Grant: $1,950,719
Matching Contribution: $1,958,786
2017 Budget Addition: $603,698
2018 GCEF Grant: $53,826
2018 Matching Contribution: $18,530
Fact Sheet: Greening Greenpoint PDF
Project Status: Ongoing

In 2014, The City Parks Foundation received a $1,950,719 GCEF grant (and provided $1,958,786 in matching funds) to develop and implement a comprehensive urban forestry plan for Greenpoint. Major activities of the GCEF-funded project include:

  • Planting 500 new street and park trees
  • Installing 325 tree guards, and planting bulbs and groundcover around street trees
  • Removing impervious concrete around 675 existing tree beds
  • Training and equipping tree “stewards” from local schools and the community to increase local engagement in the long-term care of Greenpoint’s trees

The project creates new tree canopy cover, promotes healthy, long-lived trees, adds new green space, captures and treat storm water runoff, and reduces local air pollution in the community.

In 2017, through a competitive process, the City Parks Foundation was awarded an additional $603,698 to increase their urban forestry activities in Greenpoint.  These activities include:

  • Holding a summer session of the Young Urban Forester Internship in Greenpoint
  • Hosting 16 tree stewardship workshops
  • Providing scholarships for Trees NY’s signature Citizen Pruner course
  • Teaching students at PS110, PS31, and PS34 using Arts & Trees curriculum
  • Holding three additional tree giveaways
  • Planting 130 new street trees
  • Opening the online request system for tree work for six additional months

Greening the Industrial Shoreline of Newtown Creek
In 2018, through a competitive process, the City Parks Foundation was awarded $53,826 in additional funding to map, conduct education about, and plant Newtown Creek shorelines and nearby areas with native plants, trees and shrubs.

The project website can be found at:


October 2015: The first season of tree work for Greening Greenpoint began with the surveying of locations for new tree plantings, tree bed expansions, and tree guards. A project website has been built that will allow community members to request tree work in front of their business or residence. A community meeting was held to engage Greenpointers in the project and ask where they want to see trees planted in the neighborhood. The project’s “Young Urban Forester” interns have learned about the value of Greenpoint’s urban forest, and have tended to 179 tree beds and pruned 64 trees in the community. In addition, 11 Greenpoint residents were trained as “Citizen Pruners,” and contributed to pruning 15 street trees and tending to 100 tree beds. Through the effort of the Young Forester Interns, over 35% of the street trees in Greenpoint were mapped this summer through “TreesCount!,” New York City’s third census of its urban forest.

August 2016: In the spring, Greening Greenpoint completed a tree signage project with the 5th grade class of P.S. 110 The Monitor School, a school participant in the GCEF-funded Greenpoint Eco-School project. In May, Greening Greenpoint gave away over 100 trees to Greenpoint residents to plant in their yards through a free tree giveaway. Also in May, the project participated in the McGolrick Park Service Day, leading youth and adult volunteers in the planting of a Bur Oak tree in the park and mulching 50 park trees. In 2016 to date, the project has hosted 5 community meetings – 4 Community Steering Committee meetings and 1 tree guard design meeting, has worked with community members, local partners, and youth groups to steward 173 street trees during volunteer tree stewardship events, and planted 400 perennial plants in Monsignor McGolrick Park and 800 perennial plants in tree beds throughout Greenpoint.

August 2017: To date, Greening Greenpoint has planted 430 trees, installed 346 tree guards, converted 10,604 square feet of impervious surfaces into permeable ones, and planted 15,960 bulbs. Greening Greenpoint welcomed nine new Citizen Pruners who live or work in the neighborhood, and engaged more than 60 other neighborhood residents in caring for over 100 trees. The project redesigned and reconstructed the sidewalks surrounding 15 trees to create safe, walkable sidewalks and healthier growing environments for the trees. In June, Greening Greenpoint hosted its 3rd free tree giveaway – Greenpointers took home 75 young trees to plant in their yards. In July, the project hosted a tree stewardship day where volunteers were taught street tree stewardship techniques, practiced those skills on street trees surrounding American Playground, and took home tools to continue tree care at home; 18 people attended.

February 2018: In 2017, Greening Greenpoint engaged 257 community members, stewarded over 500 trees, and planted nearly 800 bulbs in Greenpoint.  The project hosted two giveaway events in December of 2017: the seasonal Tree Giveaway and a Perennial Giveaway, both at Greenpoint’s P.S. 110.  Community members took home 72 young trees and over 400 perennials from these events to plant in Greenpoint. During the last few months of 2017, 125 trees were planted and 55 tree guards were installed, while 47 sites requiring tree pit area expansions and removal of non permeable cement block pavers have been scheduled to be completed by spring 2018.  At the start of the new year, Greening Greenpoint led a group of 6 dedicated volunteers in spreading mulch around 80 trees in McCarren Park for MulchFest 2018.