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Project Description

Greening Greenpoint

Project Lead: City Parks Foundation
Project Partners: Trees New York; City Parks Foundation – Partnership for Parks; MillionTrees NYC; New York City Department of Parks and Recreation: Forestry Service; and North Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
Project Location: Greenpoint-wide
Total GCEF Funding: $2,652,767
2014 GCEF Grant: $1,950,719
2017 Budget Addition: $603,698
2019 Budget Addition: $98,350
Matching Contribution: $2,207,896
Project Completed: June 2019

In 2014, through a competitive process, the City Parks Foundation received a $1,950,719 GCEF grant (and provided $2,207,896 in matching funds) to develop and implement a comprehensive urban forestry plan for Greenpoint. Major activities of the GCEF-funded project included planting new street and park trees, installing tree guards, and planting bulbs and groundcover around street trees, removing impervious concrete around existing tree beds, and training and equipping tree “stewards” from local schools and the community to address the long-term care of Greenpoint’s trees. The overarching project goals were to create new tree canopy cover, promote healthy, long-lived trees, add new green space, capture and treat storm water runoff, and reduce local air pollution in the community.

In 2017, through another competition, the City Parks Foundation was awarded an additional $603,698 to further their urban forestry activities in Greenpoint. These activities included holding a summer session of the Young Urban Forester Internship in Greenpoint, hosting 16 tree stewardship workshops, providing additional scholarships for Trees NY’s signature Citizen Pruner course, teaching students at P.S. 110, P.S. 31, and P.S. 34 using Arts & Trees curriculum, holding three additional tree giveaways, planting 130 new street trees, and conducting street tree work (including tree bed expansions, block removals and tree guard installations) for an additional six months.

An inventory of all street and park trees throughout New York City, including those planted thru the Greening Greenpoint project, is available online at

The project website can be found at:

  • Planted 634 street trees which resulted in 998,550 gallons of storm water being captured and 16,484 pounds of carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere
  • Installed 575 tree guards, expanded over 1,000 tree beds, and converted over 34,000 square feet of impervious surface to pervious green space
  • Created an online street and park tree inventory
  • Protected 43 high value ash trees from infestation by Emerald Ash Borer with prophylactic trunk injections
  • Provided advanced tree care for high value neighborhood trees, including soil decompaction and nutrient enrichment in McGolrick Park
  • Provided structural pruning for all street trees that have been in ground between three and five years
  • Elevated the level of understanding for community members of the need for neighborhood tree care and empowered residents to advocate and care for trees thru the following:
  • Distributed 565 trees for planting on private property
  • Distributed 2,000 perennial plants for planting in tree beds
  • Engaged nearly 3,000 volunteers and community members in street and park tree stewardship such as tree bed cultivation, mulch spreading, bulb and perennials planting, watering, and pruning as well as tree education events like guided walks or workshops
  • Plant more than 25,000 perennial bulbs
  • Trained and equipped 135 new Citizen Pruners
  • Hosted 33 Young Urban Forester Interns in Greenpoint
  • Installed interpretive signage at street tree beds
  • Directed community led tree stewardship of over 2,000 trees (half of all trees in the neighborhood)
  • Hosted Partnership for Parks Workshops in Greenpoint to facilitate more participation from community members
  • Facilitated the enrollment of 3 Greenpoint residents in the Partnerships Academy Fellowship, an opportunity for leaders of community parks groups to enhance their organizational skills
  • Revitalized two defunct Greenpoint block associations, the Oak Street Block Association and the Apollo Street Block Association centered around tree advocacy
  • Inspired two Greenpoint residents to self-organize and form Greenpoint Tree Corps, a group that will continue to care and advocate for trees throughout 11222