Greening the Industrial Shoreline of Newtown Creek 2019-06-05T15:42:03+00:00

Project Description

Greening the Industrial Shoreline of Newtown Creek

Project Lead: City Parks Foundation
Project Partners: Hudsonia; Newtown Creek Alliance; New York Tree Trust; and North Brooklyn Boat Club (formerly North Brooklyn Community Boathouse)
Project Location: Newtown Creek Shoreline
GCEF Grant: $53,826
Matching Contribution: $18,530
Project Status: Ongoing

In 2018, through a competitive process, the City Parks Foundation was awarded $53,826 in GCEF funding to map, conduct education about, and plant Newtown Creek shorelines and nearby areas with native plants, trees and shrubs.

The project website can be found at:

Photo 1 by Sophia Wohl.


February 2019: Project partners Newtown Creek Alliance and North Brooklyn Boat Club led two canoe trips on Newtown Creek during fall 2018 to identify and record vegetation growing along the shoreline. The observations were mapped and are available to view on iNaturalist on the project’s page: Planting plans for sites on the Greenpoint Avenue street end, the north end of Manhattan Avenue, and along Paidge Avenue leading to Newtown Creek have been created and include 2,000 native perennials, 45 native shrubs, and 12 native trees. Planting will be completed during spring 2019 with volunteers, including local high school students and community stewardship groups, as well as hired landscapers.