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Project Description

Greenpoint Bioremediation Project

Project Lead: Newtown Creek Alliance
Project Partners: Brooklyn College – Environmental Sciences Analytical Center; Brooklyn College – Microbiology Lab; New York City Urban Soils Institute; New York City Soil & Water Conservation District; Java Street Community Garden; 61 Franklin Street Garden; and North Brooklyn Boat Club (formerly North Brooklyn Community Boathouse)
Project Location: Java Street Community Garden; 61 Franklin Street Garden; North Brooklyn Boat Club; Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant; and Brooklyn Public Library – Greenpoint Branch
GCEF Grant: $81,928
Matching Contribution: $85,700
Fact Sheet: Greenpoint Bioremediation Project PDF
Project Status: Completed (May 2017)

The Newtown Creek Alliance received $81,928 in GCEF funding (and provided $85,700 in matching funds) in 2015 to increase public knowledge about urban soil health, and the use of biological methods to reduce pollutant contamination in residential soils (e.g, mycoremediation and compost “tea”). Major project activities included:

  • Delivering 3 full-day, hands-on workshops on urban soils and bioremediation of pollutants for 75 residents at Greenpoint community gardens and the North Brooklyn Boat Club, as well as producing citizen guides to support the workshops and for general community education purposes
  • Creating a bookshelf of literature about soil ecology at the New York Public Library – Greenpoint Branch
  • Installing a compost tea brewer at Java Street Community Garden as a garden enhancement and education tool
  • Developing and delivering a website to share all project materials – including a video of workshops, bioremediation resources, and instructional materials – with the wider Greenpoint community in order to build environmental stewardship and empower residents to directly improve the health of the soils at their homes and neighborhood

The Greenpoint Bioremediation project continues to distribute the Citizen Guide and posters they created at all Newtown Creek Alliance events, and to a number of community partners including the Greenpoint Eco-Schools and North Brooklyn Neighbors (formerly Neighbors Allied for Good Growth).

The Greenpoint BioRemediation website can be found at:

Photos: 1, 3-5 above by Mitch Waxman.

  • Engaged over 150 community members through a series of workshops and public events on urban soils, beneficial microbes & compost tea, and mycoremediation.
  • Installed a 55-gallon compost tea brewer at Java Street Community Garden and held four demonstration and distribution events. In total 165 gallons of compost tea was brewed and distributed.
  • Created “An Introduction to Urban Soil Bioremediation” poster that is available on the website and has been distributed in hardcopy in the community.
  • Created a community collection of books relating to soils and bioremediation techniques which is housed at Greenpoint branch of the Brooklyn Public Library and available to the general public.
  • Created an online repository of video segments from the workshops.