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Project Description

Greenpoint Business Environmental Stewardship

Project Lead: New York City Industrial & Technology Assistance Corporation
Project Partners: Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center; Greenpoint businesses; and New York State Pollution Prevention Institute
Project Location: Greenpoint-wide
GCEF Grant: $100,000
Matching Contribution: $86,952
Fact Sheet: Greenpoint Business Environmental Stewardship PDF
Project Status: Ongoing

In 2015, New York City Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC) received a $100,000 GCEF grant (and provided $86,952 in matching funds) to conduct activities to improve Greenpoint’s environment by helping businesses to implement projects that are environmentally and financially beneficial. Major project activities funded by GCEF include:

  • Working with local manufacturing companies in Greenpoint to identify and implement environmental improvements within their operations, and that have a long-term positive and sustained impact on the community
  • Working with community partners and Greenpoint manufacturing firms to engage the community
  • Screening approximately 10 companies in Greenpoint, and providing 3 of these with assessments and implementation support to “green” their operations
  • Working with the 3 selected companies to identify environmental improvement opportunities specific to their manufacturing processes (i.e. improve water quality, reduce toxic pollutants, and improve air quality), as well as opportunities for source reduction of waste streams and more efficient use of resources (water, energy, raw materials)
  • Preparing case studies of environmental improvements at the selected 3 companies
  • Presenting a workshop for Greenpoint manufacturers and the community on sustainable manufacturing best practices

Photo Above: Dennis Hurd, Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


August 2016: Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC) and the project team have distributed information on the grant to more than 20 manufacturing companies in Greenpoint; hosted an informational event on the project in collaboration with 2 other GCEF grant awardees; and have begun screening local companies to identify environmental improvement opportunities within their operations. ITAC and the project team will continue to screen candidates and work with high-potential candidates.

August 2017: ITAC and the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (together, the project team) are in the final stages of in-depth environmental assessments at two manufacturing companies in Greenpoint. Once the assessments are complete, the project team will work towards implementing the recommendations outlined in the assessment. The project team is in the process of contracting with a third manufacturing company in Greenpoint to perform an in-depth environmental assessment and subsequent implementation project. As part of their efforts to engage the community, ITAC has held an info session in Greenpoint, communicated with over 30 Greenpoint companies, posted an ad in a local publication, spoken with local politicians about connecting to their constituents, and distributed information thru community partners ITAC and Evergreen Exchange. The project team is also beginning to plan an educational informational session for the Greenpoint community tentatively scheduled for sometime in May of 2018.

February 2018: The project team completed in-depth environmental assessments at two manufacturing companies in Greenpoint, and has completed half of the third and final assessment. The project team and the manufacturing companies are working together to implement the recommendations of the two completed environmental assessments, and will begin implementing the recommendations of the third assessment once it is complete.  A site for the educational information session has been identified and the team is finalizing the date for the session.