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Project Description

Greenpoint Citizens Club

Project Lead: 61 Franklin Street Garden
Project Partners: North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (formerly Open Space Alliance)
Project Location: 61 Franklin Street
GCEF Grant: $27,000
Matching Contribution: $0
Project Completed: July 2019

In 2018, through a competitive process, North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (on behalf of the 61 Franklin St. Community Garden) was awarded $27,000 in GCEF funding to create the Greenpoint Citizens Club, an environmental education program to engage two groups: 1) elementary students aged 5 to 9 years-old in environmental classes, events, and field trips; and 2) adults in educational workshops, a speaker series, and community service days. Funding also provided for additional improvements to the garden itself.

Garden members hope to find additional funding in order to continue the program beyond GCEF funding.

  • Conducted a new children’s environmental education program and curriculum for 2 semesters and attended by a total of 59 children that focused on in-depth explorations of water and soil
  • Introduced children to the basic concepts of environmental justice and what it means to be a community activist
  • Hosted field trips for garden members and the public to various local destinations including the Newtown Creek Nature Walk, the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, the garden at the Greenpoint Reform Church, Lentol Garden, and Kingsland Wildflower Rooftop attended by over 130 children and adults
  • Completed updates to the infrastructure of 61 Franklin Street Community Garden, including constructing a new children’s planter, portable soil-play boxes, a small standalone library, and a bug hotel
  • Organized public workshops, speakers, and service days for adults and families on topics ranging from lead awareness, tree care, wastewater treatment and combined sewer overflows, and zero waste efforts