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Project Description

Greenpoint Industrial Environmental Improvement Program

Project Lead: Evergreen: Your North Brooklyn Business Exchange
Project Partners: Greenpoint-based businesses and eDesign Dynamics
Project Location: Greenpoint-wide
GCEF Grant: $99,950
Matching Contribution: $39,675
Fact Sheet: Greenpoint Industrial Environmental Improvement Program PDF
Project Status: Ongoing

In 2015, Evergreen: Your North Brooklyn Business Exchange received $99,950 in GCEF funding (and provided $39,675 in matching funds) to engage a group of Greenpoint industrial businesses to research, design, and implement capital improvement projects that have a visible and quantifiable benefit to the community’s environment. Major activities of the project include:

  • Conducting outreach to owners of local industrial businesses to identify potential project sites in Greenpoint
  • Conducting an initial feasibility analysis to identify improvement projects that are cost-effective, have significant environmental benefit, and offer substantial public access opportunities
  • Once the feasibility analysis is complete, selecting 2 to 4 projects to receive support for design and construction of improvements
  • Soliciting construction bids for each project
  • Reviewing potential projects, and overseeing initial design and implementation
  • Creating public engagement and access plans for each improvement project to be publicized on site, on the Evergreen website, with local press, blogs, and community groups, through a ribbon-cutting event, and annual public access for five years

August 2016: Through numerous e-blasts, mailings of Evergreen’s organizational newsletter, and a public meeting, Evergreen has reached out to 630 industrial businesses in Greenpoint to educate them about the project, options for participation, and the benefits to the community. Together with their technical partner, eDesign Dynamics, Evergreen has conducted 6 site visits at interested local businesses to begin assessing the feasibility of implementing improvement projects.

August 2017: Evergreen continued outreach to its Greenpoint business constituency of 630 businesses about the benefits of green infrastructure and engaged with fellow grantees on educating businesses and property owns on appropriate green infrastructure implementations for industrial areas and associated co-benefits for their businesses and the community’s environment. Evergreen has conducted 15 site visits and together with their technical partner, eDesign Dynamics, has conducted nine follow up site visits to interested businesses’ locations to begin assessing feasibility of green infrastructure implementations on their properties. Evergreen is currently in negotiations with a green infrastructure demonstration site in a highly visible maker space that will marry the industrial history of the neighborhood with community engagement and GI awareness.