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Project Description

Greenpoint Parks Community Stewardship Program

Project Lead: Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn
Project Partners: McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance
Project Location: Monsignor McGolrick Park, Transmitter Park, Newtown Barge Park, and Greenpoint and American Playgrounds
GCEF Grant: $99,000
Matching Contribution: $34,000
2017 Budget Addition: $99,000
Fact Sheet: Greenpoint Parks Community Stewardship Program PDF
Project Status: Ongoing

In 2015, the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn received $99,000 in GCEF funding (and provided $34,000 in matching funds) to support a Community Stewardship Program Manager to oversee a program to promote the stewardship of Greenpoint parks. Major project activities include:

  • Recruiting volunteers and managing volunteer events in the spring through fall of 2016 in Greenpoint parks. Events include planting new native trees and shrubs, and conducting cleanups in the parks
  • Developing and delivering weekly educational programs for local youth, schools, and community groups on natural resources of the parks and how to care for them
  • Working to develop self-sustaining “Friends of Parks” groups, and to identify community leaders who can ensure community stewards have a visible presence in their parks
  • Publicizing events, and staying in contact with community members who attend volunteer and education programs to keep them engaged in what is going on in Greenpoint parks, to gather their feedback about park needs, and to maintain community interest and ownership of the parks
  • Evaluating and adapting the program based on park and community needs identified during program delivery

In 2017, through a competitive process, the New York City Audubon Society was awarded $162,902 in additional funding to extend horticultural maintenance of the green roof and continue further programming, including the annual fall festival, lectures and presentations in the community space, school and camp visits to the roof, Newtown Creek canoe/kayak and public tours, a spring conference, and printed interpretive materials to complement this programming. Additionally, the project website and social media platforms will be enhanced and a strategic plan for the project’s continuation beyond the grant period will be developed.


October 2016: The Community Stewardship Program Manager is assisting in the continued development of the McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance, a “Friends of Parks” group, including assisting its efforts to build capacity. In addition, the Community Stewardship Program Manager has begun organizing “Friends of Parks” groups at Transmitter Park, American Playground, and Greenpoint Playground. In order to support these efforts, the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn has held community cleanup and planting events, as well as 8 general community stewardship promotion events, at Greenpoint’s parks to date. At Monsignor McGolrick Park, over 130 community members participated in cleanup and planting events, and another 840 participated in general community events co-sponsored with the McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance, including a park concert, 2 movie nights and 2 kid’s days. At Transmitter Park, 2 gardening events drew over 20 participants, and a “Water Day” event, co-hosted with El Puente and Newtown Creek Alliance, brought in another 22 attendees. The “Neighborhood Play Day” at American Playground had 160 attendees, and 60 members of the community participated in “Pumpkin Patch Day,” a community stewardship event, at the Greenpoint Playground.

August 2017: The project has continued to support the community in activating and maintaining open spaces across Greenpoint.

Two newly founded groups, Friends of Transmitter Park and Friends of American Playground, won small park group grants and the Program Manager has been supporting grant activities, including organizing two educational workshops in Transmitter Park, attended by over 30 members of the public. Through a partnership with Eco Schools at P.S. 34 and The Domain Companies, a total of 90 volunteers realized two educational beautification projects in Greenpoint and American Playgrounds, installing 20 planters and planting native vegetation. In an effort to incubate a friends’ group in McCarren Park, the Program hosted a ‘leaf clearance’ event in January and a weeding event in July, as well as an inaugural meeting, drawing a total of 80 volunteers.

An event with the Northside School brought over 40 volunteers of all ages to McCarren to pick up litter, rake leaves, and plant flowers in celebration of Earth Day. The Program also co-hosted P.S. 34’s Eco Fashion Show, an upcycling event inspired by Greenpoint’s history and current transformations, enjoyed by 120 children, parents, and teachers. Several ‘learn and play’ days were held at Greenpoint Playground and in McGolrick Park, with over 400 attendees enjoying environmental programming in the summer. An August movie night in McGolrick brought out about 200 neighbors. In collaboration with the Horticultural Society of New York, the Program Manager has coordinated a Citizen Gardener Program, scheduled to begin in October to train over 40 volunteers in urban park gardening practices.

To ensure continuation of activities by self-sufficient park groups, the Program Manager has been developing a volunteer leader training program for each park, intended to create, develop and strengthen internal group organization and facilitate special event programming and day-to-day operations. The training is expected to begin in December 2017.