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Project Description

Keeping Cigarette Butts Out of Newtown Creek

Project Lead: North Brooklyn Community Boathouse (formerly North Brooklyn Boat Club)
Project Partners: Brooklyn Allied Bars and Restaurants; and North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (formerly Open Space Alliance)
Project Location: Newtown Creek
GCEF Grant: $24,660
Matching Contribution: $0
Project Terminated: November 2015

In 2014, through a competitive process, North Brooklyn Community Boathouse received a $24,660 GCEF grant for a “Don’t Put Your Butt in the Creek” campaign. The campaign sought to raise awareness and reduce the prevalence of the problem of inappropriately disposed of cigarette butts fouling Newtown Creek. The campaign intended to couple the placement of cigarette disposal containers labeled with the slogan “Don’t Put Your Butt in the Creek” outside Greenpoint bars and restaurants with community education and publicity about the problem of cigarette butts and other trash fouling Newtown Creek.

In 2015, the project was terminated due to loss of the principal manager necessary for its implementation. Before the project’s termination, GCEF allocated $3,379 (of the total $24,660 earmark) to the project for coordination, and to design and build a prototype of the cigarette disposal container.