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Project Description

Lentol Garden Renovation

Project Lead: GrowNYC
Project Partners: Current Lentol Garden Members, Green Thumb, New York University Wallerstein Collaborative, North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (formerly Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn)
Project Location: Lentol Garden: 178 Bayard Street
GCEF Grant: $99,241
Matching Contribution: $62,696
2019 Budget Addition: $10,000
Project Status: Ongoing

In 2018, through a competitive process, GrowNYC was awarded $99,241 in funding by GCEF to renovate and upgrade the 35,000 square feet Lentol Garden – an existing community garden and green space, to spur community involvement in the garden, and to create a vibrant neighborhood gathering spot.


February 2019: In 2018, GrowNYC met regularly with Lentol Garden leadership, its constituent garden members, and other garden stakeholders (a group ranging in size from 10 to 25 participants) to plan the garden’s renovation and will continue to meet regularly with everyone involved with the garden as progress continues. Led by GrowNYC, weeding, clearing, and mulching of about 10,000 square feet of woodland area inside Lentol Garden began, removing significant amounts of weed trees, invasive plants, and unwanted ground cover. The removal of these species will allow garden members to plant these areas in the spring. GrowNYC has also cleared much of what will become the terraced garden area, and procured the plastic lumber material that will use to build this terraced area. This work will begin in April 2019 and be completed by end of June.