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Project Description

Lentol Garden Renovation

Project Lead: GrowNYC
Project Partners: Current Lentol Garden Members, Green Thumb, New York University Wallerstein Collaborative, North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (formerly Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn)
Project Location: Lentol Garden: 178 Bayard Street
Total GCEF Funding: $109,241
GCEF Grant: $99,241
2019 Budget Addition: $10,000
Matching Contribution: $137,671
Project Completed: July 2019

In 2018, through a competitive process, GrowNYC was awarded $99,241 in funding by GCEF (and provided $137,671 in matching funds) to renovate and upgrade the 35,000 square foot Lentol Garden, an existing community garden and green space, to spur community involvement in the garden, and to create a vibrant neighborhood gathering spot.

  • Repaired the rainwater harvesting system, which collects 3,000 gallons of rainwater annually
  • Installed an irrigation system that will help with watering the garden
  • Installed 40 linear feet of stone retaining wall to address erosion
  • Added a cedar log fence to create 315 linear feet of pathway that flows through the entire
  • Created 2,000 square feet of terraced garden area which will help to prevent erosion
  • Installed 700 square feet of habitat for pollinators
  • Created a bog garden to provide water for pollinators
  • Planted 35 mature woody shrubs and understory trees
  • Planted 350 medium-sized perennials, natives, and pollinators
  • Moved and replaced 2 sheds and a 3-bin compost system
  • Installed educational signage at 10 locations around the garden
  • Attracted 50 Greenpoint residents to serve as members of Lentol Garden, and work on weekends to maintain the space
  • Installed a picnic table and 12 benches throughout the garden
  • Attracted 1,750 visitors annually