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Project Description

P.S. 110 Garden Renovation

Project Lead: P.S. 110 Parent Teacher Association
Project Partners: Greenpoint Eco-Schools; Alive Structures; and Serge Drouin Architecture
Project Location: 124 Monitor Street
Total GCEF Funding: $134,832
2018 GCEF Grant: $83,724 2019 Budget Addition: $8,204
2020 GCEF Grant: $42,904
Total Matching Contribution: $58,334
2018 Matching Contribution: $58,334
2018 Project Completed: July 2019 2020 Project Completed: August 2021

In 2018, through a competitive process, P.S. 110 Parent Teacher Association (PTA) was awarded $83,724 in GCEF funding (and provided $58,334 in matching funds) to renovate a 6,000-square-foot playground/garden area next to P.S. 110 The Monitor School to incorporate a garden. The area was renovated with planters for native trees and vines to attract pollinators, raised garden beds to grow vegetables, and seating for students and others in the community to enjoy this new green open space. GCEF funding was also used to introduce the entire student population to hands-on gardening techniques with a week-long gardening class; train parent garden volunteers; host a community bulb planting event; and create a greening resource library at the school available to teachers, staff, and parents.

The playground/garden area is part of NYC Parks’ “Schoolyard to Playgrounds” program, and is open to the public.

In 2019, P.S 110 PTA was given a budget addition of $8,204 from GCEF. The funds were used to install a 180-gallon rainwater catchment system, six additional planters which house some of the 17 trees donated by the NYC Parks Department, and new shrubs and soil.

In 2020, P.S. 110 PTA was awarded a total of $42,904 from GCEF. Grant monies were used to purchase additional native trees, perennials, and ground cover in the existing garden area; set up several large-scale planters, install two hummingbird feeders and two bee/butterfly/bird baths, add more benches, build a three bin compost system, create signage; and purchase necessary tools for the garden. In addition, funds were used to host two educational stewardship events at the garden attended by a total of 45 families and a series of educational events for Kindergarten thru 5th graders offered during the summer in partnership with Newtown Creek Alliance about soil exploration, beneficial garden insects and how water impacts an urban landscape. The 2020 grant was also used to purchase 4,000 canvas bags for the four Greenpoint: Eco-Schools. The purchase of the reusable bags will have environmental benefits for the community by reducing the usage of single-use plastic bags that are often on a school supply list.

  • Held a workshop for 45 P.S. 110 teachers and staff to familiarize them with the renovated playground/garden area
  • Formed a PTA Green Committee, and recruited 39 parents to be garden volunteers to help ensure the sustainability of the garden
  • Installed 15 native vines and planters, 8 native trees, 12 native shrubs, 300 native perennials, 12 large planters, and 8 extra-large tree planters in 2018-2019
  • Introduced the entire P.S 110 student population (550 students) to hands-on gardening techniques with a week-long class in introductory gardening
  • Conducted a parent garden volunteer tour and training
  • Hosted a community bulb planting event, attended by 30 community members who planted over 400 bulbs in the garden
  • Created a greening resource library for teachers, staff, and parents
  • Installed a 180-gallon rainwater catchment system, 6 additional planters, and new shrubs and soil
  • Held a garden open house and ribbon cutting ceremony in Spring 2019
  • Installed 3 native trees, 30 perennials, 5 trays of groundcover, several large-scale planters, bird and pollinator baths, a three bin compost system, new signage,  and purchased benches and various gardening tools
  • Held two educational stewardship events attended by 45 families and a series of educational events for 90 Kindergarten thru 5th graders in partnership with Newtown Creek Alliance
  • Purchased 4,000 reusable, gallon-sized bags for the 4 “Greenpoint: Eco-Schools” to reduce single-use plastic bags consumption

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