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Project Description

Urban Birds of Monsignor McGolrick Park

Project Lead: NYC Audubon
Project Partners: McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance
Project Location: Monsignor McGolrick Park
2015 GCEF Grant: $5,669
2015 Matching Contribution: $3,367
2015 Project Completed: November 2016

In 2015, through a competitive process, NYC Audubon received a $5,669 GCEF grant (and provided $3,367 in matching funds) to conduct bird surveys and host a public, native-plant walk at Monsignor McGolrick Park. The results of these surveys were added to the “eBird” database, an international source of information on birds that supports science, conservation, and education. Local birders, volunteers, and other organizations working in McGolrick Park were encouraged to report their sightings to the eBird database as well. The project surveys and walk also provided an opportunity for Greenpoint residents to learn about native plants and their importance to wildlife, as well as encouraged them to participate in the GCEF-funded “Urban Oasis,” a habitat-restoration project at the park.

Photos by Debra Kriensky.
  • Conducted 6 bird surveys in Monsignor McGolrick Park throughout 2016, in which 13 members of the public attended and 34 bird species were sighted (of which 19 species had not been previously observed and recorded in the park)
  • Survey results were added to the international eBird database, and the list of birds represented in McGolrick Park on eBird increased from 11 to 40 species over the duration of the project
  • Hosted a native plant walk for local community members in September 2016, which 18 people attended