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Project Description

Ziemia: McGolrick Park

Project Lead: North Brooklyn Parks Alliance (formerly Open Space Alliance)
Project Partners: Eckford Street Studios; McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance; P.S. 110 and P.S. 34; Cottonwood Agile Learning Center; St. Stanislaw Kostka Parish; Park Church Coop; Greenpoint Islamic Center; Polish Cultural Institute of New York; Polish Consulate General; Offices of New York State Assembly Member Joseph Lentol; New York City Council Member Stephen Levin; and U.S. Congress Member Carolyn Maloney
Project Location: Russell Street-side of McGolrick Park
GCEF Grant: $30,000
Matching Contribution: $0
Project Status: Ongoing

In 2018, through a competitive process, North Brooklyn Parks Alliance was awarded $30,000 in GCEF funding to restore a 1,500 square feet section of garden in McGolrick Park along the Russell Street border of the park, including the expansion of a meadow area, and the recreation of a woodland floor area in an adjacent section of the park. In conjunction with these restoration efforts, the project will conduct community outreach through 4 workshops on Greenpoint’s ecological history as a wilderness area aligned with a public art sculpture project in the Park (not funded by GCEF), also called “Ziemia” (Ziemia is the Polish word for “earth”).


February 2019: Project activities to-date have focused on the restoration of the garden, including the planning for additional planting and maintenance of the meadow area, and landscape design for the adjacent woodland floor area, to be planted in spring 2019. This has included consultation with a botanist who has advised the project on the planting of specific species native to Greenpoint.

Since July 2018, about 350 plants have been added to the garden. Most of the additions have been various grasses, but have also included a number of smaller flowers such as black-eyed Susans, blazing stars, Echinacea, and ferns.

The project held its first community workshop at GCEF’s Open House 2018 event in McGolrick Park. Participants were given an introduction to the Ziemia project and encouraged to interact with some of the park’s natural elements, including using clay to make seed bombs or gathering sticks and other natural elements found in the park to make clay sculptures of animals or other creations. A subsequent workshop in early 2019 briefed participants on the project’s efforts to return a portion of the park to its historic origins and encouraged them to utilize natural elements found in the park to create works of art.

Two additional workshops are planned for June.